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Nestled away in the heart of a pristine, natural environment unheard of in modern suburbia, is the Ebotse Golf & Country Estate.
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Welcome to Ebotse Golf & Country Estate

Nestled away in the heart of a pristine, natural environment unheard of in modern suburbia, is the Ebotse Golf & Country Estate.

Ebotse represents the pinnacle of luxury, perfection, and attention to detail. From the indigenous fauna and flora, wetlands, the architecture, world-class security, and stunning recreational facilities – Ebotse perfectly encapsulates Sotho name – meaning beautiful place.

Within the ultra-secure estate, nature and community harmonise across 23 wetlands boasting many varieties of birdlife and bullfrogs – some endangered, a herd of springbok, beautiful outdoor play areas for children, magnificent homes, sports facilities, scenic walkways and bike trails for the whole family to enjoy.

Ebotse reignites the joy and passion to be found living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, providing the freedom and peace of mind to enjoy it in a safe and secure environment. For the residents of Ebotse, the family-oriented lifestyle offered within the estate delivers a strong sense of personal values and ideals.


Beyond its security, which incorporates 24/7 perimeter surveillance, linked to a monitoring room, privacy and unique tranquillity, Ebotse Golf & Country Estate is differentiated in the local property market by being one of the most progressively run and managed estates. There is strict adherence to standards within the estate and protecting the integrity of the Ebotse brand and our property owners is paramount. Our financial stability and management are exceptional not only in today’s terms, but also insofar as building up reserves to ensure that future requirements can be met, and standards sustained.

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Ebotse home owners association

Estate Management

Ebotse has an active Home Owners Association (HOA) that plays an integral part in ensuring the growth and success of the estate, regularly coordinates resident events and provides the attention to detail that residents demand. One of the hallmarks of the estate is the use of a unique app based platform (two-way communication), by the HOA to communicate with homeowners and investors.


Ebotse Golf and Country Estate

Board of directors

As an owner of property in Ebotse, you may well be asking yourself: “What exactly is a director and what do they actually do?”

The powers and duties of the Board of Directors are ultimately defined by law, but they are usually set out in some kind of trust document, and in our case in the Ebotse MOI. The MOI (which all residents should read) defines what the Directors can and cannot do and therefore sets out their powers as well as their duties; it also sets out how they are to be appointed and how they will strategically guide the running of the day-to-day affairs of the Estate.

The Directors are the elected representatives of the Homeowners’ Association (HOA). Inside this committee (Board) different areas of activity are allocated to different directors (director portfolios) based on their individual background or area of expertise.

The roles performed by the Ebotse Board of Directors and the associated portfolios are as follows, with some directors fulfilling a dual appointment: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Finance, Security, Governance, Aesthetics, Food & Beverage, Social & Marketing, Golf & Legal.