Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2020 and the Insurance Industry

Software for Insurance Companies Web Chat and Live Chat We cover some of these in today’s issue, such as chatbots and assessing claims. But generative AI isn’t just about extracting information or creating human-like responses to clients’ questions. Organisations throughout the business space therefore need to realise the benefits of chatbot technology and ready themselves […]

What to do with a Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence degree : What to do with your degree : .. : Study with us : University of Sussex

Artificial Intelligence MSc London Metropolitan University Our location in the heart of London’s East End offers a rich cultural environment. Professor Cavallaro’s research interests include robotic perception, camera networks, ai engineer degree multimodal information fusion, underwater imaging and privacy-by-design. He has joined the Alan Turing Institute as Turing Fellow and has received an IAPR Fellow […]